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Spencer offers a unique and versatile voice that companies and consumers trust. He lends a youthful and energetic feel to his recordings, which is perfect for tech companies, beers brands, and products geared for younger consumers. That's exactly why he is trusted by brands like Google, Coca-Cola, EA, John Deere, Miller Coors, Uber, Capitol One, Pizza Hut, Redd's Apple Ale, Pfizer, Volvo, Fox Sports, BMW, and many others. Spencer also brings a deeper and mature sound for narrative and announcer pieces, on projects such as ShortsTV - The Short Movie Channel. His penchant for character work is also unparalleled, bringing a whole host of different accents, personalities, and sounds to give them life, working with companies like Frostburn Studios, Adventure Studios, and Digital Extremes.

No matter the size of your company - from Fortune 500 to startup - Spencer will give your project the voice it deserves.


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